End of Life of FoxPro

In March of 2007, Microsoft announced the End of Life of FoxPro.

But what does this really mean for your software? Do you have to immediately rewrite your entire application? Will your software suddenly stop running?

The answer is "it depends". Unfortunately, even though your software is probably still running well, it is now considered to be "old and outdated technology". If you sell your software, this is undoubtedly affecting your sales - especially when your competitors have modern applications. Also, with the end of Mainstream FoxPro Support, it is entirely possible that an update or a patch will cause your application to suddenly stop working. Upgrading may be a sizeable task, so it's extremely important that you develop a strategic plan to protect your investment and remain competitive in today's marketplace.

Our roots are in VFP and we specialize in converting FoxPro applications like yours. We know what it takes and have developed tools to make the process faster and less costly. We know how important this is to your business. We can help.

Contact us at info@vfpconversion.com or 832-717-4445 ext 9 to get more information about converting your app. Consultation is free - there's no cost or obligation.

FoxPro History

Remember when Visual FoxPro provided endless programming possibilities? Remember when Rushmore was the fastest search technology? Remember when for an entire year you looked forward to meeting other FoxPro developers at DevCon? We do too! Unfortunately Microsoft no longer supports Visual FoxPro and new technologies have made our reliable FoxPro applications less competitive in today’s business environments.


  • 40 years ago – First version of FoxPro was released
  • 35 years ago - First FoxPro DevCon was in Toledo, OH
  • 33 years ago – Rushmore Technology was first unveiled
  • 32 years ago – Microsoft bought FoxPro from Fox Software
  • 29 years ago – Visual FoxPro 3.0 goes object-oriented
  • 20 years ago – Final version of FoxPro (VFP 9) was released
  • 17 years ago – Microsoft announced End of Life of FoxPro
  • 15 years ago – Mainstream Support for FoxPro ended

But this doesn’t have to mean the end of your software! We can help you leverage your existing code to bring your software into today’s technologies!