CODE Mentoring Program

The CODE Mentoring Program gives you access to our developers and trainers when you need guidance or quick help over a road-block but do not want to engage a firm as a large-scale consulting partner. The CODE Mentoring Program is an efficient and economical way to take advantage of our expertise. For only a small investment, you always have an expert to consult with - whether it's just a quick question or to discuss more in depth technical or architectural details. It's the advantage of having a large group of experts as part of your team, but without the expense.

Schedule of Fees

  • Special Introductory Rate! First 20 hours only: $3,000
  • Additional hourly block rates depend on total number of hours

Contact us for more information!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I interact with CODE when I need help?
    A CODE Consultant is assigned to be your personal mentor. You can then work with your mentor by several methods - phone, email, GoToMeeting, IM, Skype etc., whatever method best fits your needs.
  • Will my contact person be available any time of day?
    Your contact person will be available during regular business hours (9-5 Central Standard Time). Occasional availability outside normal business hours is negotiable by the CODE Consultant.
  • What if I generally need help outside regular business hours?
    A CODE team member can arrange for personalized options that provide a more flexible setup. If this is required, a CODE team member will discuss options on a case by case basis.
  • How quickly can I expect response?
    You can generally expect a response the same business day and usually much quicker. In cases where your CODE Consultant may not be available due to sickness or similar circumstances, we arrange for a replacement contact.
  • What if I need expertise my contact person does not have?
    Your assigned point of contact is not a limited resource. When you use CODE, you get access to the entire team of staffed experts, contractors, industry leaders and authors. If your CODE team member does not know the solution immediately, they will seek it out.