Custom Software Applications

Is your outdated software holding you back?

CODE builds custom software on any scale, from small applications, to multi-year start-to-finish custom software systems that involve large teams of developers. We provide software development, mentoring, project management, and architectural know-how. We use a variety of tools and technologies such as .NET, iOS, Android, web, cloud, services, various databases, and more. Our expertise helps you build applications better and faster, helps improve quality and maintainability, and reduces both time to market and the risks that are inherent in every software project.

Software Consulting

Need expertise for an existing software project?

Our professional developers will help your team with mentoring, architecture design, project management, and more. With decades of combined development expertise, as well as a whole team of experts available for consultation, you can count on CODE consultants to help solve your toughest software challenges.

Cloud Solutions

Should you be running your software in the cloud?

You’ve heard how cloud-based systems are the answer for today’s applications. But what does that really mean for your application? Is the cloud safe? Is Azure the best way to go? What are the differences among the various cloud systems? What are the benefits and the costs? Which one is the best? What do you need to consider before making the leap? What are the steps required to move data and services to the cloud? There are tons of things to consider, and our team of experts will help you to make the right decisions for your specific business needs. CODE will help you move your application to the cloud quickly and easily, and avoid costly pitfalls.

IT Staffing

Does your IT department need additional staff or addtional technical knowledge?

We provide professional software developers, either on-site or remote, to augment your software development team. Our expertise spans various platforms, such as Windows, web, mobile devices (including iOS and Android), the cloud, services, databases, and more. Our experts specialize in rewriting older software, such as Visual Basic, and Visual FoxPro, to today’s technologies. With CODE Staffing, you not only get the extra resources you need, you also gain access to the entire CODE Developer Network of professionals who are available to answer technical questions.

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Largest Software Companies in Houston 2010   Largest Software Companies in Houston 2009   Largest Software Companies in Houston 2006   CODE Consulting's employees have received for Microsoft MVP Awards than any other company.  

Markus Egger, CODE Consulting's Founder and Chief Software Architect is the Microsoft Regional Director (RD) for the Central US Region.

CODE Consulting is a Microsoft Certified Partner. CODE Consulting has a number of employees that are part of the INETA Community Speaker's Program.     TX Excellence Award 2013

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