CODE Corporate Training Program

Corporate Training Accounts provide organizations with sophisticated training needs with a way to train their staff in a flexible and inexpensive way. With a Corporate Training Account, you buy a certain number of "Training Day Vouchers" at a significantly reduced rate. These vouchers can be used flexibly at any of our publicly scheduled classes or even for custom training, on-site at your location.

Example: Your team has 10 developers with training needs in various technologies and you estimate a need of 8 days of training for each developer. By purchasing 80 days’ worth of Training Vouchers at a rate of $250 each, you can then send each developer to any of our training classes whenever needed (regardless of the actual higher cost of each training day if you were to purchase that training individually). Or, CODE Training can come to your location for private and customizable training (see below for details). If one of team member needs a little more (or less) training, no problem! You decide how and for whom vouchers are redeemed. Use the vouchers as seen fit. CODE Training vouchers never expire!

Schedule of Fees

  • Cost per day-voucher: $250
  • Minimum investment to establish a Corporate Training Account: $5,000
  • Minimum increment for additional vouchers: 10 vouchers
  • We offer large volume discounts! Contact us for custom pricing

Contact us for more information!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use my vouchers for all public training classes by CODE Training?
    Yes, corporate training vouchers are redeemable for any public training published by CODE. Availability is on a first come-first serve basis.
  • Can training classes be attended online and on-site?
    Yes, you can choose whether you want to attend online or on-site and there is no difference in price.
  • Can training classes be sold out?
    Online, there is generally no limitation, but on-site attendance is limited.
  • In what order are people assigned to training classes?
    On a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • What options do I have if a training class is sold out?
    Realistically, this rarely happens. However, if you want to attend on-site and there is limited seating, it depends on the number of people you want to send. We can almost always fit a person or two. However, if we are really completely over capacity, we will schedule another class for you at the earliest convenience (at our location, or on-site at your location, or perhaps online, as needed).
  • Do training vouchers expire?
  • I see that the average expense for a day of training is more than $250. Will I ever be charged more?
    No. You can attend all our training classes for 1 voucher per day and person, regardless of the published cost for training. (Note: Most of our training classes run at $399 per day, or more, as the regular published rate, so the savings through the voucher system are significant). You can also get a significant savings by buying vouchers in larger volumes. Please contact us for custom pricing depending on your needs.
  • What if I want to consume my training on-site at my location?
    CODE Training can also come to your location and provide private training. This is done at a cost of 12 vouchers per on-site training day regardless of the actual number of attendees (best investment for 12 or more members). Actual travel expense is charged for in addition without markup. We also charge for travel time in cases where we need to allow for an extra day of travel before and after the class (usually only the case for long-distance travel). Most of these extra expenses are unusual and are addressed on a case by case basis. The actual training time is always completely covered by vouchers. Also, if you would like CODE Training to create a custom agenda, CODE Training can tailor sessions to your needs on an hourly basis.
  • How far ahead do I have to reserve a seat(s) in public classes?
    As long as there is room, we do not require any lead time for public classes, but we recommend you secure your seat as soon as you know you want to attend.
  • How far ahead to I have to plan to have a class taught at my location?
    We try to accommodate even shorter lead times, but we can't guarantee to be able to make arrangements for anything less than 45 days out for logistical reasons. However, we have done it with as little as a few days of lead time on some occasions.
  • When and how can I purchase additional vouchers?
    You can buy additional vouchers at any time at a minimum increment of 10 vouchers, with discounts on large volumes.