Press Release

HOUSTON, July 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ – The CODE Group has launched a new “Executive Briefing” consulting service to teach corporate executives how to harness the growing power of the new generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools into their business to save them time and money.

The “Executive Briefing” includes an onsite visit by an AI consultant from The CODE Group who will:

  • Provide an overview of the current state and future trends of AI. The overview will explore the core components of successful AI implementation, highlighting the importance of data quality and availability, robust infrastructure, and skilled talent. The consultant will identify key considerations for successful implementation and suggest a strategic and responsible approach to AI adoption to give executives the information needed to harness the power of AI to drive organizational growth and competitiveness.
  • Demonstrate how to use AI in the client's business while ensuring privacy of their information. This includes building a sample application using the client's human resources documents, which will allow the client's employees to query the documents in natural language, significantly reducing the number of questions that must be answered by HR personnel.
  • Provide a roadmap for future use of AI customized to the client's needs. This can include using Microsoft's Copilots features, which are rapidly gaining popularity as an assisted computing user interface that allows companies to perform tasks that would typically take hours, days or more. These Copilots promise a productivity improvement of upwards of 50% in some areas year after year. The newly widespread availability of easily accessible generative AI tools such as ChatGPT and Bard offers businesses opportunity or risk. Companies must determine how and when to use these tools, which have the potential to enhance operational efficiency, drive innovation, and give them a competitive advantage.

“To succeed in the future, developers and businesses must embrace the transformative power of AI and integrate it into their operations,” said CODE Group founder and president Markus Egger. “We can help them do this by bringing our experts to them to customize the right AI solution for their business needs.”

Developers and businesses are using generative AI to stay competitive. It can help them automate mundane and repetitive tasks, freeing up time to focus on more complex and creative problem-solving. Additionally, businesses can use AI to analyze large amounts of data, gain insights into customer behavior, make more informed decisions, and create better personalized experiences for their customers.

“Ignoring these technological trends means that even very recent technology is quickly becoming obsolete and companies that don't adapt to the changes will watch their competitors jump ahead,” Egger said. “We are experiencing a time of extreme change in technology. Current developments have a drastic impact on all organizations at a scale that is orders of magnitude beyond what we have experienced in past years. Businesses that don't adapt to what arguably could be the most significant technical advance of the decade risk being left behind. We are here to not only provide top-notch consulting and training, but staffing as well.”

Each on-site customized Executive Briefing takes up to one day and costs $5,000 plus travel expenses. Companies interested in receiving their personal AI briefing should contact CODE Group at

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