Bio: Nancy Folsom

Nancy Folsom

Senior Software Developer

Nancy Folsom has been developing line-of-business applications since 1989. She has developed software for many different business domains: legal time and billing; facilities inventory management; apprenticeship education; talent payroll services; environmental oversight management; and VFP-to-.NET projects. These systems have been a mixture of online and desktop applications. She has worked with clients on all phases of projects from writing business requirements through to designing, programming, deploying, and training. She has designed and developed databases; business logic and requirements gathering; user interface design; and report products. She believes passionately in creating business software that is tightly focused on the objectives of the business.

Many clients need to run legacy systems even while functionality is replaced or enhanced. Nancy enjoys the challenge of helping customers maintain their legacy system while developing a modern application. Her primary objective is creating software that is tightly focused on clients’ business needs.

Nancy was a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for Visual FoxPro from 1998 to 2002.

Examples of recent projects:

  • Environmental inspection and reporting system.
  • VFP conversion to C#/.NET services for a manufacturer of construction equipment.
  • Talent employer-of-record software: maintain, update, extend, and incrementally replace legacy Visual FoxPro software programming that is used to manage an entertainment industry payroll services company. On-going project addressing data, business logic development and coding, data entry forms, and reporting.
  • Union apprenticeship school management software (U.S.): extend legacy Visual FoxPro application that manages the classes, people, supplies, grades, registrations, for example. The legacy system was wrapped to add online functionality for students to register and pay for classes, manage job dispatches, and so on. Project included data design, business logic design and coding, data entry reporting, analysis (executive) queries, and training.
  • Apprenticeship school management software: project began as a new Visual FoxPro application that was replaced in two stages. The first phase moved the data to a SQL Server 2008 (then 2012) database. The second phase redesigned the Microsoft SQL Database to draw some data from a legacy PostgreSQL database with Microsoft SQL Server extended data. The project included new development, or redevelopment of, data, data entry forms, analysis queries, reports, and webservice reporting to external agencies.
  • Mentored Visual FoxPro developer in object-oriented design principles and business logic.

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