Bio: Jon Stonecash

Jon Stonecash

Jon Stonecash is a senior consultant at Magenic, a Microsoft Gold Partner consulting company. Jon has worked in software development for much longer than he would like to admit. In that time, Jon has had the opportunity to make most of the serious software development mistakes at least once. He has programmed in over a dozen languages including several different assembly languages, Fortran, COBOL, SNOBOL, classic Visual Basic, VB.NET, and C#. He has survived the structured programming revolution and the object-oriented revolutions. Jon’s software development activities have included the development of operating systems, scientific and engineering applications, and enterprise systems. He has worked in every phase of software development from the initial specification of requirements through to customer support. Along the way, he picked up a BS in Mathematics and an MBA. He still has hopes of finding something that he can be reasonably good at. His long-term interests center about databases and the aspects of the application that handle data access and business logic. He is also interested in the tools and processes that assist the development process. Jon also has an active blog on “Designing Out Loud in the .NET Space” at

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