Jean-Paul Boodhoo

Jean-Paul Boodhoo

Software Developer

Jean-Paul Boodhoo

(403) 560-3590

Jean-Paul S. Boodhoo is a .NET delivery expert who has been working with the .NET Framework since beta 1 of .NET 1.0. He has over seven years of experience in architecting, designing, and developing applications. He spends his days working as an independent consultant; helping teams realize success through agile practices and pragmatic Behavior Driven Development (BDD) techniques.

He has a passion for sharing information on applied behavior-driven development with .NET, and has written articles for Visual Studio Magazine, DevX, and MSDN that utilize BDD to pragmatically apply .NET. Jean-Paul has presented on the popular podcast/screencast .NET Rocks! and DNRTV and has delivered Webcasts for Microsoft on the topic of design patterns in the real world. He is a member of the MSDN Canada Speakers Bureau and a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP).

You can reach Jean-Paul at and he makes continual efforts to update his blog at

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