Bio: Bill Catlan

Bill Catlan

CODE Author

Bill Catlan is an experienced systems architect and software developer. His consulting experience comes from working on all aspects of large-scale custom application development and systems integration. After spending several years building large, horizontally-scaled enterprise search and knowledge management systems and coding the custom Web applications that drove those platforms, Bill formed Distens Group, a consultancy with a focus on providing quality staff augmentation and consulting services.

Bill has programmed in many languages over the years and currently maintains his C#, Java, HTML, PHP, and JavaScript skills. He can provide end-to-end solutions on multiple platforms, especially focusing on rapidly evolving cloud capabilities.

Bill has been writing code either professionally or as a hobby since he was an eleven-year-old kid. From his first Commodore VIC-20 program to current .NET projects, he continues to be passionate about discovering and leveraging the capabilities of the latest platforms.


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