Issue: 2020 - July/August

  • Learn to use Managed identity in Azure Active Directory to minimze the number of passwords you need. Learn to use managed identities to access Microsoft Graph.
  • In a MVC Core application using an MVVM design pattern, learn to sort data when a user clicks on a column header in an HTML table. Learn to add a pager to limit the number of rows displayed on a page. Learn to cache data in the Session object to improve performance.
  • Learn how to move an Existing ASP.NET Core API to a Serverless Application Model (SAM) application which is a form of AWS Lambda Functions.
  • Helen talks about how to use Power Query, a tool that's part of Excel and Power BI that enables you to automate the ETL process of bringing data into Excel. Learn to create an elegant ETL process in Power Query to first bring in the data, then later refresh it with a single button
  • Shawn Wildermuth reviews new features in the early beta of Vue 3, including: conversion to TypeScript to improve the type interface; the switch to using the Virtual DOM for overall performance improvements, improvements for Vue users using WebPack (or similar solutions).
  • Kevin uses Power BI mapping to track a constantly changing array of data about the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn how pick the right data; it doesn't all come from just a few sources.
  • Vassili Kaplan describes how using CSCS (Customized Scripting in C#) can save time creating WPF applications.
  • Tiberiu and Markus talk about what’s new and what’s coming with Azure, including Tibi's "five things everyone should know about Azure".
  • John talks about the four basic principles for building great software. (1) Theory matters; (2) People, processes and tools, in that order; (3) Do the right thing for the right reason; (4) Build competent software.