Bio: Tripti Wani

Tripti Wani

Senior Software Developer

Tripti is a focused, self-motivated and experienced software developer and team leader. She has expertise in planning and managing large scale projects and quality assurance. She loves to code while applying industry’s best practices in a collaborative environment. She is passionate about technology and has good understanding of IT industry, combined with variety of languages and frameworks.

Her strengths include her ability to get a project through the finish line by effectively estimating, planning and problem solving, managing high volumes of work during periods of constant change, producing project completion reports, defect and incident management, and improving overall customer satisfaction.

She has been working in the software development industry for over 10 years on multiple projects for various leading Software companies and enjoys writing code which requires both conceptual and analytical thinking.
She loves to paint/craft or play badminton in her spare time.


  • C#

  • .NET and .NET Core

  • WPF and XAML


  • AJAX

  • Azure Services

  • HTML and CSS

  • jQuery

  • JavaScript

  • Backbone.js, Knockouyt.js, Vue.js

  • Ruby, Ruby on Rails

  • Sinatra

  • PostgreSQL

  • RESTful APIs

  • Unix

  • Perl

  • XML

  • Informatica/ BI

  • Build processes

  • Git

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