Bio: Anthony Carrabino

Anthony Carrabino

Anthony is a Sr. Product Manager for SQL Server at Microsoft. He has been developing and marketing commercial software products for developers since 1994. Before joining Microsoft, Anthony was President/CEO of Vista Software for eight years. During that time he and his team created VistaDB™ as the world’s first fully managed SQL database engine for Microsoft .NET. Before VistaDB, he established APOLLO™ as one of the world's most popular data engines for managing legacy CA-Clipper and FoxPro files. Other career highlights include selling a suite of data access components called Firefly for Flash™ to Macromedia in 2002 and working with the team that licensed a graphics framework to Computer Associates in 1995 that became the GUI for CA-Clipper 5.3. Chess, soccer, reading and working out fill his spare time.

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