Issue: 2019 - May/June

  • Rod reflects with gratitude on lessons he learned when he first started consulting.
  • If you’ve been thinking that Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are a bit out of your league, think again. Sahil shows that you’re already using and benefiting from it, and you can create it too.
  • Paul begins a new series of articles on how to create a WPF business application. This first one teaches how to use a message broker to eliminate strong coupling between classes, how to display status and information to the user while resources are loading, and how to load user controls onto a single window while aggregating controls and building a large screen.
  • If your application uses multi-threading, immutability should be part of it. John covers how to enforce and work with immutable objects, despite C#’s lack of native support for them.
  • The sheer number of PowerShell cmdlets that come straight out of the box with Microsoft products these days can be bewildering. Dan provides a handy guide to the most important ones.
  • Brian shows you that Power BI Embedded makes it possible to have great visuals as part of your app. He also helps you figure out which of the many flavors is the right one for you.
  • You probably need to persist data and store it on a database server for synchronization purposes. Wei-Meng shows you how to use Google’s Cloud Firestore so you can get on to the more fun parts of building an application.
  • Maarten explores containers, especially in regard to an ASP.NET Core application, and uses JetBrains Rider as an IDE to build and debug apps in a Docker container.
  • Ted looks at what makes the difference between a good leader and a great one.