Issue: 2019 - January/February

  • Rod continues the tale of an enormous conversion project.
  • Sahil shows us how DevOps (formerly called VSTS) can connect disparate functionality using two of his favorite tools: Docker and Angular.
  • Using Firebase Cloud Messaging, Wei-Meng shows you how to enable PWA push notifications as if they were native code, and how to host your REST API as a serverless app.
  • Jeffrey shows you how to organize your code to suit DevOps, configure the five Azure DevOps products, automate your pipeline for speed, and build quality into each stage of your process.
  • Using Chocolatey’s graphical user interface, you can bundle code into packages for easy replication and distribution. This is great news if you’ve got several versions of your client software, and you’ll appreciate Dan’s tour of Microsoft’s Chocolatey tool.
  • If you have some small files to upload to a Web API, there’s no reason to use the same cumbersome process that works for larger files. Paul shows you how to save a lot of time and effort using Angular.
  • If you’ve ever argued with management about how unit testing is beneficial, speeds up the process in the long run, and makes the software work better, you’ll recognize John’s point of view. If you haven’t (yet) had the argument, you’ll want to have this article handy.
  • Ted talks about encouraging--and enabling--your team to grow their skills.