Issue: 2009 - January/February

  • Rod Paddocks Jan/Feb 09 Editorial
  • Jan/Feb 09 MVP Corner by Chris Williams
  • At the JAOO conference in Aarhus, Denmark this year, domain specific languages came up in virtually every conversation. Every keynote mentioned them, a lot of sessions discussed them (including a pre-conference workshop by Martin Fowler and myself), and you could hear “DSL” in most of the hallway conversations. Why this, and why now?
  • jQuery is a small JavaScript library that makes development of HTML-based client JavaScript drastically easier. With client logic getting ever more complex and browsers still diverging in features and implementation of features, jQuery and other client libraries provide much needed normalization when working with JavaScript and the HTML DOM.
  • All applications are dependent on data in some form and most developers find themselves writing reams of data access code.Microsoft has been building databinding frameworks for years. Each one promises to solve our databinding woes forever. We’re still waiting for the perfect one.In the Nov/Dec 2008 issue of CoDe Magazine you were exposed to programmatically controlling data binding mechanisms of WPF. Along with a programmatic interface, WPF also provides a declarative d...See More
  • No, the title isn’t a misprint-this installment of the Baker’s Dozen will visit both sides of the planet. These days, many .NET user group meetings focus on database and business intelligence topics as well as hardcore .NET content. Over the last several months, I’ve spent roughly half my time modifying my own development framework for WCF. The result is some basic but functional factory classes I’d like to share. The other half of the time, I’ve been looking at differen...See More
  • I read somewhere that nearly 80% of all data has some location-related aspect to it. Common business questions in data include: Where do we ship these orders? Where are flood plains located and what rainfall amount are problematic for them? Where are vendors and/or customers located? What delivery route should we use? Can we track using GPS? Where are voting districts located? Where are the best hospitals located? Where are the sales regions that produce the most revenu...See More