Reverse engineering helps to assess the quality of software or hardware within black-box engagements, which helps determine how easily an attacker identifies vulnerabilities without prior knowledge of the product or access to the product source code.

At CODE Security our expert consultants are skilled at reverse engineering modern applications compiled for a number of architectures including x86, arm, arm64 and MIPS. The combination of static reverse engineering and additional techniques such as dynamic binary instrumentation make it possible to reveal vulnerabilities and explore the code areas handling the security of your application.

At the conclusion of your reverse engineering service, our CODE Security experts author a technical report explaining the identified vulnerabilities along with a severity rating according to industry standards.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security

CODE Security experts are experienced in identifying security vulnerabilities in your products, your services and/or your application's architecture. We are committed to our mission of making your company and its applications more resilient against future attacks and threats.

We have assembled a hand-selected team of senior consultants that bring more than a decade of experience to the table. CODE Security consultants can identify critical vulnerabilities in complex applications and application architectures.